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Guided Hunts for Whitetail Deer, Merriams Turkey, Waterfowl and Predators

Kentucky Turkey Hunting

We are Your Source for Hunting Turkey in Kentucky!

There’s nothing more exciting than hunting these beautiful, Eastern Wild Turkeys in the rolling hills of Western Kentucky. The gobble of a boss tom sounding off from the rolling hills, ridge tops or river bottoms of Western Kentucky is hard to escape. Once you've experienced it you'll have it in your blood from then on out.




Turkey Hunting is an exciting challenge. It is very rewarding to experience what turkey hunting has to offer, whether a successful hunt has been had or not. We will work to accomplish both for you. Kentucky offers some of the highest hunter success rates for turkey hunters across the country. Most seasons we maintain 100% opportunity and nearly 100% success. Unfortunately we see the occassional miss or a client moving at the wrong time, which impacts our overall success.

Kentucky Turkey Hunting











Season Dates: April 15 - May 7, 2017

Let WKO help you bag your longbeard in 2017!!

2017 is shaping up very nice. After having a great looking hatch in Spring 2016 and the poult to hen ratio staying strong through the fall so far. We've seen flocks of 6 to 17 gobblers this fall on various properties we hunt and as we do every year come late January we'll begin keeping tabs on the winter flocks through break up period and as they get into breeding just before our Spring season opens in April.

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Kentucky Youth Turkey Hunt

Our turkey hunts are great for those just starting out turkey hunting, someone who has never hunted them altogether or the experienced alike. Many of our clients are first time turkey hunters or hunters who do not have good areas to hunt or have not yet bagged that first long beard.

WKO staff spends time with hunters helping them understand the reasons behind what we did on a particular hunt. We will discuss scouting, setups, turkey sign, the various calls, turkey sounds and what it really takes to get a bird within gun range.



Kentucky Spring Turkey HuntingOur Kentucky turkey hunts begin at first light, most often after a gobbler is roosted the night before. Our setups at first light most often deal with a roosted gobbler. If success is not found shortly after fly down, we will shift gears and move to known areas that the turkey will use. This may include strut zones, dusting bowls, fields, ridge tops or bottom areas. As the day progresses our game plan will change as the gobblers do. Early to mid afternoon can provide some of the best turkey action there is to find. And with being able to hunt from sunrise to sunset, often an old long beard can be fired up late in the evening on his return to roost and an attempt to assemble hens for the following days breeding regiment.



What to Bring



Kentucky Turkey HuntingOur style of hunting will depend on what we feel the birds dictate on any particular day. It may require us to “run and gun” and cover some ground. We could also find ourselves set up, blind calling and waiting for a gobbler to slip in on days where birds are not vocal. If birds are not responsive we will try glassing fields and setting up on any spotted birds to allow us the best opportunity at harvesting. Although challenging, WE WILL NOT ATTEMPT TO STALK ANY BIRDS for safety reasons. We hunt hard and will hunt all day if that is what it takes to be successful.




Kentucky Turkey Hunt
This Kentucky bird was the result of a successful late morning hunt. It was a typical henned up hunt where the gobblers were consumed with hens until late morning. As the hens left the gobblers for nesting, this bird got fired up and was called to gun with some excited cutting.







Kentucky Fall Turkey Hunting

Don't forget Kentucky has a FALL TURKEY season. Archery runs from early September through mid January. A week shotgun season occurs in both October and December. Western Kentucky Outdoors books fall turkey hunts by the day at the rate of $200.

We have high success on our Kentucky fall shotgun hunts with most years being nearly 100%. Each shotgun segment runs 7 days. A two-bird limit/4 bird total with no more than 1 containing a beard greater than 3 inches is allowed. Two birds are allowed by archery and two with a shotgun.

Kentucky Fall Turkey Hunting

Winter flocks can have upwards of 100 birds or more during the fall and winter here in Kentucky. This leads to experiencing a lot of bird vocalization and supports learning more about the birds at they communicate with one another.







Archery Turkey Hunting

Enjoy Bowhunting? Let us set you up on a Spring or Fall Kentucky long beard. One of the hardest things to accomplish with a bow is harvesting a wild turkey with stick and string.









Here at WKO we stay on top of our wild turkey throughout the year. This affords us to be able to measure our spring breeding results as we head into fall. We place trail cams throughout the year to keep tabs on the turkey populations we have on each property.

Beginning in January we begin keeping up with fall flocks as they begin to transition from winter into Spring. Birds will begin to break up from winter flocks in late February then move into breeding mode by mid-March and continuing on for several weeks.

What to Bring





Texas Rio Turkey Hunt

We have hunted turkey in Kentucky for over 25 years and have turkey hunted in 21 states and Mexico for all for all the subspecies, taking Slams with Archery, Muzzleloader and Shotgun.

We can help you with a hunt here in Kentucky, as well as, states such as Alabama, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Indiana, Illiniois, Tennessee, South Carolina, South Dakota and Old Mexico.

Right: Rio Grande Texas hunt.





Nebraska Merriam Hunt

Right: Nebraska Merriam

If those states do not provide what you may need we an hook you up with the best grand slam turkey hunt consultant we know that can put you in places that the likes of Knight&Hale, Mossy Oak, Realtree and the Hunter's Journal have filmed hunts.






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